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Clean living has become a really big deal to me, the other day I wrote a post and listed some of the products I use for myself and in my home. In my health journey I started with changing all my personal products for clean beauty but I quickly learned the products sitting under my kitchen sink were affecting my health even more.  

Once I started learning and reading more I was shocked to learn no one is holding the ingredients that go into my cleaning products, dishwashing liquids or laundry detergent to any sort of clean standard. I learned these products have harmful chemicals called VOCs (volatile organic compounds – don’t worry there won’t be a quiz) Basically, there are studies that show breathing in these chemicals, absorbing them through your skin and digesting the leftover chemicals on your dishes is as bad, or worse, for your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. (SAY WHAAAT?!)

I was chatting with someone the other day and they asked why I thought autoimmune disorders, cancers and other strange illnesses are on the rise. I believe (and a lot of science backs this up) that all the chemicals in our homes and food is wrecking our health. A few things that your cleaning products are linked to affecting are: learning disorders, hitting puberty years early, issues getting pregnant, neurological issues, cancer, migraines, asthma and so much more. Thinking about that affecting my kids tiny bodies was enough for me to start tossing stuff out of my house and start trying to live a cleaner lifestyle. 

So I started reading labels but going through every single bottle in my house was enough to make my head explode. Every. single. thing. was. toxic. That’s why I was so glad a friend of mine told me about Branch Basics. This isn’t an ad, because let’s be honest, I’m not cool enough for anyone to pay me to talk about their products, I just love them that much. 

Branch Basics sends you one bottle of concentrate that replaces everything in your home: Laundry Detergent, All Purpose Spray, Windows/Glass, Bathroom, Dish Detergent, Hand Soap, Floors and more. I love that I can simplify things and just have one product to cover all my cleaning needs. You can read more about it here and buy a starter kit

Don’t be alarmed at the price, I may be the cheapest human on the face of the planet, so I got your back. Branch Basics ends up being more cost efficient than most of the cleaners you currently have in your home and one bottle of concentrate lasts my family about 6 months.

Even if you decide this product isn’t for you, you should follow their blog and on instagram, they always have awesome information and tips on clean living and healthy lifestyles. Here’s a really great article that talks more about some of the stuff I touched on plus how and WHY you should detox your home. You can read about it here. I could go on and on about my love for Branch Basics but I’ll cut myself off so their founders don’t serve me a restraining order. 😉

If you do decide to try them out here is a promo code to get $10 off. Like I said, I’m no one special, once you become a customer of theirs they provide you a discount code you can share with your friends so we can help everyone #tossthetoxins and start clean living.

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