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Two years ago I would of been the last person to spend money on clean beauty products, I’m seriously the cheapest human alive. Pass me a bar of Irish Spring and a bottle of Sauve and I’m good to go. However, when your toenails start falling off, your hands and feet are covered with blisters, the skin around your ankles looks like it belongs to a dragon, some sort of rash is coming out of your nose and spreading up your face, not to mention a whole host of other internal nightmares….you start to make some changes, no matter the cost. 

Several years ago a friend of mine told me about a clean beauty brand, 100% Pure and I wish I would have listened to her way before I did, but makeup was one of the last things I changed out. (you can read about other things I changed out here.) Being a stay at home mom sometimes it is hard for me to mentally justify the cost of items that I won’t use a lot. Items like cute outfits or jewelry that I won’t wear often because I’m mostly rolling around in the backyard with my two boys and don’t want to ruin something nice. For me, makeup and skin care in general, fall into this mental category of mine.

Eventually I did start to tackle switching out my makeup with clean beauty products but if I thought learning to read labels on food was hard, learning to read labels on products seemed even more difficult to me. Thankfully there are two awesome resources that helped take the guesswork out: EWGs, Healthy Living App and the Think Dirty App allow you to scan an item and then they breakdown all of the ingredients giving the product an overall health score. If you can’t find a product you are looking for on these two apps you can also look up each ingredient to see if it fits your clean beauty standards. Also, I know I sing Branch Basics praises a lot but their blog is a wealth of information on what products to avoid and WHY. I would encourage you to check out it out and educate yourself. 

One of the many reasons I love 100% Pure though because I don’t have to scan each of their products, because they meet my clean beauty standards. I wanted to share some of the products I use of theirs below. I know some of them are pricey, especially compared to drugstore products but they last an incredibly long time and they aren’t filled with toxins. 

I know this article I have focused on 100% Pure Brand but there are a lot of brands out there that meet the standards I am looking for in my skin and beauty care. Branch Basics actually just wrote a really awesome article on clean products they love, you can check it out here. I promise I won’t just write about different brands but since so many of y’all requested it I thought I should put it up sooner rather than later. I’ve got some ridiculous #boymom stories coming at you soon but until then, here is a Free Shipping link when you spend $50 or more on 100% Pure. Enjoy 🙂

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